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Goals, Sales, Tips and New Members

It is almost the end of January and the high from the holidays has died off by now. If you had set goals for 2020, it is time for a reality check on those plans! In corporate life, organizational goals and performance management processes help maintain the discipline to achieve those ambitions. As an independent consultant, it gets challenging to keep the motivation to achieve certain goals without an organizational ecosystem. In the last few years, research has uncovered some amazing science behind habits and how to stick to resolutions

One thing that is evident is that you need your identity to be tied to the aspirational version of yourself. For example, if you identify as a healthy eater then you will more than likely choose to eat healthy meals. A consultant who wants to be good with sales needs to think of him or herself as a successful salesperson. Over time, sales will become natural to him or her just like it is for a successful salesperson. 

To help reach your 2020 goals, try identifying as the aspirational version of yourself that is needed to fulfill your ambitions. You know the saying, “Dress the part”? It’s sort of like that. Nothing will happen if you don’t truly believe you are capable of doing it. You’ve got this!     🎉Live Learning Event - Webinar and Q&A with Adrian Miller

Expert sales consultant, trainer, author, and CoSolo’s very own member, Adrian Miller, will be joining us this Thursday, January 23 from 2:00 - 2:55 PM EST to discuss the best practices for conducting sales. Adrian will cover a range of tactics that are essential to successful business development.  

To register for this event, please follow this link. Helpful Tips from the Community

In our members-only Slack community, our members engage regularly to discuss and share knowledge. Ideas, tools, resources, and the like are circulated on an ongoing basis. Below are just 3 of the many interesting items shared over the past few weeks. Hopefully, they are as helpful to you as they have been for our members.

📊 Tracking App: One member inquired about a good tracking app specifically for consultants who work with multiple clients. Xero offers a cloud-based accounting software platform for small and medium-sized businesses. So, you can login from any device anywhere. Another plus is that there’s no contract or setup fee. 

💰 Accounting and Tax Planning: Here is a full length webinar on a number of topics around accounting and tax planning specific to digital agencies. It is led by Bryan Nguyen, CPA, who specializes in helping marketing agencies, coaches, and consultants minimize their taxes and recession proof their businesses.  

💡 David A. Fields Workshop: A handful of CoSolo members have attended David’s workshop and claimed that it was truly terrific (#NotAnAd). It’s helpful for seasoned consultants as well as newbies, although he gears the material towards those with more experience in the industry. The workshop is a 2-day work session of practice building with David himself and a select group of solo consultants.The upcoming workshop takes place April 5-6 in NYC. Act fast because there’s limited seats available and registration is only open until January 31.  🤝 New Members  We just keep on growing! CoSolo has recently gained 6 new members: Alan Kraus, Corey Prator, Dave Anderson, Ana Freire, Ryan Lechner, and Paul Moniz. Welcome from all of us at CoSolo. We are so psyched that you have decided to join the crew. What a great way to kick-off the new year! 

Additionally, big shout out to David Gritz, Matt Kowalczk, and Deepak Lalwani for referring some of the names above. These three are showing all you other CoSolo members up! The larger we get, the better. So, keep the referrals coming! 🎺Apply for CoSolo Membership🎈 If you are serious about building your independent or boutique consulting business and you think it will be beneficial to have other fellow consultants advise and hold you accountable, try joining us! You can try us out for 1 month risk-free. Please fill out our application here, which will help us assess if you are the right fit for our community. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email, or schedule a call with Tony here.

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