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Preparing for the recovery

As we close out the first half of the year, you may be breathing a sigh of relief. What a past six months it’s been. And like us, you may have joked, “Can we just skip ahead to 2021?” The good news? We have six months of rebounding, growing, pausing, and resetting—to turn 2020 into a year of transformation. Are you ready? Making the most of this time

If there was ever a time to focus on you—your vision, your story, your business—it’s now. As you move into the second half of the year (post-July 4th celebrations), we suggest giving yourself time to pause and prioritize these three foundational areas of your work: 1. Building your LinkedIn presence with regular updates. Think sharing articles, writing original content, celebrating others’ accomplishments, and engaging with your clients or prospective clients. 2. Nurturing and deepening relationships from the comfort and ease of home. Yes, we know you may be Zoom’ed out, but now is the time to build your pipeline while you and your prospective clients are looking for connection and support. 3. Accepting remote work as the new normal. Adapt, or get left behind. Of course, you’re not alone in this. Long before COVID-19 took over our lives, CoSolo was a remote community committed to accelerating your independent consultancy no matter where you are. We’re here to support you in this transition and to help you transform your business.  As always, shoot us an email (or ping us on Slack if you’re already a member) if you’d like more support! We’re grateful to each of you for being here with us and building this powerful community of independent consultants, together.

Keep scrolling to explore what’s on deck for you at CoSolo over the next month...

  • Setting Up Your Small Business Finances for Success June 30th

  • COVID-19 Resources  

  • New Members

  • Member Content

Live Learning Event: Setting Up Your Small Business Finances for Success

When/Where: Tuesday, June 30, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT, Zoom 

Come join us to learn about how small businesses can set up their finances for success. Watch Her Prosper founder, Ruchi Pinniger, will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Company structure decisions 

  • Managing cash flow

  • Planning for taxes

Ruchi is the founder of Watch Her Prosper, small business service and advisory firm. Ruchi partners with business owners to become prosperous and powerful through their finances. Register for the event here.

COVID-19 Resources for Consultants In our members-only Slack community, our members engage regularly to discuss and share knowledge. Our members have been extremely helpful in sharing resources pertaining to COVID-19. Hopefully the following resources are as helpful to you as they have been for our members.

  • Helpful clarification on PPP forgiveness.

  • CoSolo’s very own Matt Kowalczyk has created a solution for proximity detection and contact tracing to create a safer job site during and after a pandemic. Check out Valynce now!  

  • Are you wondering how to navigate the “new normal”? CoSoler, Paul Moniz, breaks it down for senior leaders and team members here.  

New Members

Adam Moskow, Javier Carbajo, Scott Whitbread, and Henrik Leborg welcome to the CoSolo Community! We are all super excited to get to know each of you. Cheers!

Shoutout to Alan Kraus, Craig Paxson, Blair Severn, and Gordon Adelsberg for referring this month’s newest members! 

Content from CoSolo Members

  • Calling all busy bees: Scott Whitebread talks about being addicted to being busy and how it negatively affects an organization in his most recent video segment. Check it out to learn how to solve this all too common of a problem. 

  • Are you guilty of setting up Google Analytics and then never going back to actually check up on those stats? If so, Stephen Stanczak has created this super helpful video that covers 5 basic things you can quickly check-in GA and how they relate specifically to food and beverage brands.

  • Are certain plastics really as biodegradable/compostable as they are advertised to be? Denisa Mertiri breaks it all down (no pun intended) here.

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