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About Us

Rahul and I (Tony) connected at NYU's Stern MBA program. We started a couple of startup businesses together, and in the midst of pivoting on the second business, I decided to do some independent consulting to be able to generate some income to pay the bills.

I was able to land my first consulting gig relatively easily, but I learned very quickly that the challenges in building a consulting business were different from anything I had experienced before. As a solo consultant, I now had to do sales, marketing, build a sales pipeline, and conduct client management all by myself. I didn't have anyone with which to brainstorm and was constantly falling behind on things I needed to get done - like building my pipeline. 

I realized that all of these challenges existed because I was working alone. I thought perhaps that if I had access to other independent consultants, then maybe it wouldn't be so lonely and challenging. Many consultants that I have talked to expressed similar challenges, and when I realized that there was no one in the market who addressed all of these challenges adequately, we decided to solve these challenges for them ourselves. After much research and brainstorming, we came up with CoSolo, a peer coaching and accountability membership community for independent consultants.   

Since starting the community, our members have shared that they were able to get new clients, build marketing and sales strategies, and, most importantly, maintain focus and discipline. These feelings are mutual, as I continue to build my own consulting business based on what I've learned from fellow members in the CoSolo community.  

If you are an independent consultant who is embarking on a journey to build a successful business and want to be part of a close-knit independent professional community, then I hope you join us at CoSolo so that we can solve these challenges together.

Tony Lew and Rahul Bhaskar

Independent Consultants and Co-founders, CoSolo

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