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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are CoSolo members?

CoSolo's members are owners of independent or boutique consulting agencies. Members' businesses help clients who are businesses, not individuals. We have a diverse group of members who help early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our members come from all industries and functions such as HR, Finance, IT, Product Design, Marketing, Sales and more.


All members are consultants who are committed to making consulting their primary revenue source and want to see it grow. On average, CoSolo members have 15+ years of corporate or consulting experience, and range anywhere from 1 to 20+ years of experience in building their own consulting businesses.

Who is CoSolo not a good fit for?

If you are just starting off in your journey as an independent consultant, or are interested in becoming one, then you might be too early in your venture for us. Once you have given consulting a shot, have landed at least a few clients, and then still want to continue to grow your business, then you will likely be a good fit to join us.


If you are a real estate agent, accountant, health and/or wellness coach or you target any other individuals rather than businesses, then CoSolo is likely not the most suitable community for you.

What is the program structure?​

The main crux of the program will be through a CoSolo virtual team that you will join. The team will consist of hand-picked fellow consultants whom we believe will be able to support each other the best. This team will support and hold each other accountable to achieve the goals each of them set out to complete. The team meets weekly through a virtual meeting.

Every member will also interact with the larger CoSolo community through Slack and other all-member events. Members are also encouraged to refer businesses to one another and to provide knowledge and skills to each other to help their businesses grow.

What is the format of the CoSolo meeting?

All CoSolo meetings will be 60-minute virtual video calls. Each new CoSolo team starts with a kick-off call. The kick-off meeting helps each member get to know their team members, set business goals, and understand more about the program. Thereafter the team will meet every week. During the weekly meeting, every member will share the progress on their tasks, any challenges they are facing, and get feedback from their teammates.


How much time commitment does this program require?

To get started, the program requires initial prework. Prework can take around one hour to think about your goals and plans for the next 4-8 weeks. Once you have decided on your goals and tasks, there is no extra time required outside of the aforementioned weekly meetings. However, to fully extract the benefit from this program, members are encouraged to actively participate in the Slack community and to provide support to their specific CoSolo team as well as the rest of the CoSolo member community.


Why should I join CoSolo and what are the benefits?

CoSolo provides peer support to solo consultants. Building any business alone is difficult. You run into challenges like finding ways to grow the business or finding the right CRM tool, that you wish you could ask someone for help. You also face a lot of distractions and get bombarded with having to do too many things all by yourself. Prioritization can often be a problem. It is also easy to be discouraged when things are not going exactly as you would like. At CoSolo, we understand these challenges because we are also solo consultants. We know it is very challenging to build any kind of business.


Are the weekly meetings facilitated?

Yes. All the CoSolo meetings are facilitated by an experienced facilitator. The facilitator will help guide the meeting and make sure that the meeting is well worth everyone's time.


Do I have to attend every meeting?

Ideally, yes. Just like going to the gym, you will see results and benefits faster and stronger if you commit routinely and consistently. In addition, your presence is important for your team members. No one likes to be alone at a party. However, we do understand that every member is balancing life and work and that unexpected matters may arise. In these special cases, please let your team know in advance via Slack that you will not be available in the next meeting.


Can I just join for my part and then drop off?

Preferably, no. Joining for part of a meeting doesn’t serve the purpose of a meeting. We want to make these meetings very engaging and thought-provoking for you and others. If any unusual situations arise, you can always have an exception from your team.


How many people will be in a team?

A team will typically have four CoSolo members and a facilitator.  In rare situations, there might be less than 4 members in a team.


How are the teams formed?

Teams will be roughly formed based on the maturity of the member’s business, the member’s career background,  his or her specific industry, and one's complementary skills. Our goal is to bring together a diverse set of people in a supportive environment where they can help each other grow.

Will my team change every week?

Your team will generally stay the same for three months. We shuffle the teams after three months to help members build their networks over time and engage with members from diverse backgrounds.

Is it possible to change to a different team?

Yes, it is possible. If you want to change to a different team, please send an email to admin@Cosolo.Co and we can discuss options.

How much does the CoSolo membership cost?

The weekly team meeting based membership costs $149 per month or $800 for six months. Community membership, which doesn't include weekly team meetings, costs $39 per month.

What is the $25 onboarding fee?

The onboarding fee helps us cover initial costs to set up a new member in the CoSolo community.

Can I audit a session?

All new members get a 3-week trial. The trial starts with your first team meeting.

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