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Generate Leads and Organize Your Home Workspace

Happy Memorial Day! Even though we didn’t go to the beach or go watch a baseball game, we did manage to walk around the park (with masks!), which was nice. We hope you enjoyed the long weekend in your own way.

In this newsletter:

  • Generating Lead Flow & Making Sales in a Social Distancing Environment May 28th 

  • Turn Your Home Workspace into an Organized Zone June 4th

  • COVID-19 Resources 

  • New Members

  • Member Content

Virtual Expert Panel Workshop on Lead Flow & Making Sales

Covid-19 has dramatically altered sales prospects’ behaviors, needs, and mindsets. We can't just change our tag-lines and expect customers to start buying. We all have a lot to figure out how to make it through this crisis and how to adapt, set up, and succeed in a changing environment and buyer/sales funnel. 

This coming Thursday, on May 28th at 12:30PM EST, enabling ideas® has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of top-notch revenue experts; design thinkers; researchers; brand strategists; and marketing, communications, and sales experts to help lead you through completing your new playbook for these challenging times. 

Register here to get 30% off.

Live Learning Event with The Organizing Zone’s Stephanie Shalofsky

Regardless of the specifics of your profession, we’re all spending much more time at home than we are used to. It’s time to stop making-due and create a more suitable, organized work area. Join us and Stephanie Shalofsky June 4th at 1 pm EST to learn strategies for: 

  • Designing a workspace that suits you.

  • Determining what to do with incoming documents and materials that clutter your space. 

  • Devising systems that will keep you organized so you can get more done.

Stephanie’s event will be followed by a Q&A session to address individual challenges in creating and maintaining an organized and productive workspace. More info and registration can be found here

COVID-19 Resources for Consultants In our members-only Slack community, our members engage regularly to discuss and share knowledge. Our members have been extremely helpful in sharing resources pertaining to COVID-19 relief for independent consultants. Hopefully, the following resources are as helpful to you as they have been for our members.

  • Payroll Protection Program:

    1. A Forgiveness Calculator can be found in this sheet which can be used as a reference to help estimate the potential forgiveness of the PPP loan proceeds.

    2. PDF of PPP Tax Guidelines.

    3. Noteworthy tips on applying. 

  • Pivoting: Advice on how to pivot during the pandemic. 

  • Innovating your business model: CoSoloer, Kenneth Blewett, spoke with the founder and CEO of O2 about how he led his team to respond proactively to the threat of COVID-19.

New Members

Who’s to say that 13 is always a bad number? Not us! Paul Moniz, Robert Cottrell, Marlena Sarunac, Patrick MacLellan, Azim Nagree, Ken Blewett, Aaron DiCaprio, DC Jayasundera, Catherine Zundel, Charles Chy, Adam Farnsworth, Michael Bertoni, and Corey Shwitz; welcome all! On behalf of the whole CoSolo community, we are so happy to have you all with us. Cheers! 

Big shout out to the following individuals who connected some of the new members above to help grow our community: Adrian Miller, David Grtiz, Mike Gammarino, Cat Fogarty-Nyman, Alan Kraus, Alex Sharpe and Marlena Sarunac–you all rock!

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