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Get mentioned in media, contract work and new CoSolo website🎸

Do you know if you are fit to be an independent consultant?  I recently ran into an interesting Harvard Business Review article.that has a quiz aptly titled “Are you ready to go gig?”. 😸 Curious what you all score. (My score at the bottom of this email, if interested.)

The article also talks about the benefits and drawbacks of independent consulting and is a short and fun read. Now onto more fun stuff below!

🎺CoSolo Officially Launched!

We  are now open for business officially, and we even have a new website to prove it here:  Whoot whoot!  :)

If you are a highly motivated and experienced independent consultant, please check out the website to learn why you should join, and how it works, and then apply to join us!!  

We will be reshuffling teams now for July start, so this is a perfect time to apply.  Application deadline for July start is June 21st.  We typically reshuffle teams every 2 months, so if you miss this window, you may not get a team until September.  

We are also doing a friends and family special🎈, and offering monthly membership for price of $97 per month (regularly $150 per month) or $970 per year.  

Please apply to join us!

🎉Live Learning Event - Get some publicity! 🙌

You know you want to get mentioned in the press but you think getting press is far from your reach.  Well, Jess Todtfeld says that getting publicity is easier than you think!

Jess Todtfeld has been …

  • a producer with ABC, NBC, and FOX

  • a reporter

  • TV host… and sometimes still do some TV hosting

  • And… a big claim to fame is his Guinness Record for being interviewed the most times in 24 hours … 112 different radio interviews.

So I am very excited to share that we are hosting a virtual fireside chat with Jess Todfeld June 13th, Thursday at 1pm EST, where he will share how consultants can use the power of media to grow their business.

If you are not a CoSolo member and want to participate in the event, reply to this email and let me know that you are interested!

Have a wonderful rest of the week, and will talk to you soon again!

💰 Freelance Opportunities

Below are some freelance project opportunities for independent consultants.

Please feel free to reply to this email me if you have any further questions, or you can apply directly through the link.

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