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Join the exclusive community of fellow consulting firm owners to leverage their experience and knowledge

Why Join CoSolo?

CoSolo + YOU = Successful Independent Consulting Business

Peer Coaching and Sounding Board

It's risky going to your prospect or client before testing out your proposal with people you can trust for honest feedback.  As an independent consultant, your options are limited when you want a sounding board.


CoSolo members practice their pitch, seek feedback on business plans, and test out ideas with trustworthy fellow consultants.


95% of the independent consultants have we talked to shared that staying ultra-focused is the ultimate struggle in taking their business to the next level.

As a CoSolo member, your team of peer independent consultants and facilitator will hold you accountable, so you stay focused on committing and doing the highest-leverage action.


Actionable Knowledge

Are you overwhelmed with trying to figure out all the aspects of running a business by yourself?


At CoSolo, you will learn from both your peers and experts who all have been there and done that for years. You will learn practical things you can put into action.

Referrals and Partnership

Building a consistent pipeline of sale opportunities is not easy. 

As a CoSolo member, you get access to opportunities shared by the consulting community, have the option of partnering up with your peers to do business together and get projects from CoSolo subcontractor partners


Our members tell us how CoSolo has helped them build a more successful consulting business

"Since I joined CoSolo, I've seen tangible benefits in partnerships and speaking opportunities. Even better are the confidence and the shift in mindset that came with being part of smart, passionate independent professionals in the community!"

Laura Stringer, Strategy & Operations Consultant

Former Manager, Merck


How It Works

We connect you with the right people and provide environment and structure with the singular goal of helping you achieve your independent consulting business goals


You will be part of a team of 4 peer independent consultants who are at similar phases in their business journey and from diverse functional backgrounds.


You will be part of a broader group of CoSolo's exclusive community of independent consultants.


Veterans who have built successful consulting businesses are part of the CoSolo community.

Weekly Video Calls

You meet weekly with your team via facilitated video calls, where you commit to completing your goals that you have put on Trello board and get valuable feedback on how you are doing.

Virtual "Slack" Forum

Engage with the broader CoSolo community across 10 Slack channels specific to independent consultant interests and needs to gain knowledge, get sales leads, and find partners.

Fireside Chat & Webinar

Participate in virtual fireside chats and webinars with experts and gain the critical knowledge you need to build a successful consulting business.